Tattoo Aftercare

There are many different theories on aftercare for tattoos. We always recommend you follow the instructions of the artist that did your tattoo. They are, after all, the ones responsible for touch ups and many artists will not guarantee their work if you don't follow their instructions.

These are the instructions we give to our clients:

  1. Leave bandage on for couple hours
  2. Wash your tattoo with cool soap and water. Make sure you get all the blood and ointment off.
  3. Let the tattoo air dry for 15-20 minutes.
  4. Apply a very thin layer of Aftercare. Rub it until it
    goes completely away. There should be no shine.
  5. You will know to apply more when the tattoo
    feels tight. If it doesn’t feel tight do not apply
    more Aquaphor.
  6. Do Not pick or scratch your new tattoo.
  7. Do Not soak your tattoo in water. No swimming, hot tubs
    or baths. Showers are fine, just don’t soak it.
  8. Keep the tattoo out of the sun.